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T-Mobile: Stop Treating Loyal Customers Like Criminals (SIM Unlocking)

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What we want, in simplest terms, is to have T-Mobile's SIM Unlock Policy rolled back to when it was acceptable for both prepaid and postpaid users:

•Account Must be 60 Days Old

•Four Unlocks Per Year

•Device usage must be shown on account (One day, not 40)

•Accumulative of 50.00 in refills since account opened or a refill in the past 30 days. (Prepaid Only)


As loyal T-Mobile customers we are insulted that T-Mobile doesn't think we are trustworthy enough to have an unlocked device.  To have a blanket 40-day waiting period on every phone purchase before unlocking, regardless of account tenure, to "prevent fraud" is a lazy policy and inconsiderate to the 99.9% of T-Mobile's customers who aren't committing fraud.  This is especially so considering the tools at T-Mobile's disposal:  credit checks, customer deposits, device blacklisting, credit reporting, etc.  The 60 day account tenure requirement listed above protects T-Mobile from new account fraud, while allowing the rest of us not to be inconvenienced by an unnecessary, uncompetitive waiting period.  As this year has gone on T-Mobile has progressively made its unlocking policy more and more inconvenient and burdensome to customers.  Where is the cost/benefit analysis on the amount of money being saved on fraud vs the number of customers lost, never gained, or infuriated over this?  Certainly the current policy overreaches.


Let's look at the competitive landscape in regards to iPhone unlocking in particular.  Verizon iPhones, including the 5, 5S, and 5C, are completely SIM Unlocked at time of purchase, even for brand new customers.  AT&T iPhones can be unlocked in a matter of minutes online.  T-Mobile with its 40-day waiting period is 40 days behind the competition.  Why is T-Mobile so far behind on this?


Last week the NTIA petitioned the FCC to "…immediately initiate the process of setting rules that protect Americans’ investments in mobile devices by allowing them to use their equipment with any compatible network. Mobile device unlocking involves disabling or removing “locks” placed on these devices by mobile carriers that prevent them from working on another operator’s network.  The proposed rule would shift the burden associated with device unlocking onto the carriers that imposed the locks, and ensure they consistently do so in a way that is both expeditious and transparent ("  T-Mobile's current policy is anything but expeditious.  Don't make the FCC force you to be good to your customers.  Be a champion of your loyal customers and give us back a truly Un-Carrier SIM Unlock Policy!


Let's get it right this time!


-Your Customers


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