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T-Mobile: Release Brooklyn rapist's contact information

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In July, a 22-year old woman woke up in a car with two men on top of her. She screamed and tried to get away, and they let her out of the car -- taking only her phone. She was left with bruises and a broken zipper. The details of what happened before she woke up remain unknown. In an odd turn of events, the perpetrator tried to call her partner's T-Mobile phone from a blocked number, but only left a fake name and a vague apology.

After the crime was reported, the police subpoenaed T-Mobile for the number, but T-Mobile refused to hand it over, claiming to do so would be violating the "privacy" of their customers. According to the NYPD, T-Mobile is notorious for their failure to cooperate in police investigations -- but the result in this case has been devastating.  Because of the location of the attack, this could relate to the investigation of a serial rapist, who has, since that time attacked six more women and the suspect(s) are still at large. 

T-Mobile has responded to our petition and provided the requested phone numbers to the NYPD. However, T-Mobile slowed down a police investigation of a sexual assault, endangering more people. We continue to be in discussion with T-Mobile to get clarity on their policy.


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