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Please waive the $200 fee to cancel my contract since I am leaving the USA.

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I am moving to Spain this summer and therefore I need to break my contract. I have called customer care several times and I have also visited a T-Mobile store. They have all informed me that I must pay a $200 fee to cancel my contract.

For a number of reasons, this does not make sense to me. First of all, last summer I traveled to Spain and my phone was stolen right when I arrived. I went to the police station to call T-Mobile and they informed me that they could stop service while I was on my trip, but that they would not send me a new phone in Spain. I was on a three-week trip by myself and had no phone. When I arrived back in the United States I went into a T-Mobile store to get a new phone. They made me sign another contract. I told them that I was moving to Spain in a year and they assured me that everything would be fine with breaking my contract and that I would not be charged a cancellation fee.

Recently, I went into a T-Mobile store to inquire further about this. I was informed that the policy had changed since I signed my contract due to the fact that many people were coming from India, getting really great phones, and then moving back to India and canceling their contracts. Although I understand this concern, I am not from India. I have not in any way or form tried to scam T-Mobile.

I have been a loyal customer for nine years. If they were to look at my history, they would see that I have always paid my bills early. They would also see that I do not have any special type of smart phone. My phone is actually super outdated.  In fact, I am a teacher and all of my students have much better phones than me. I am very displeased that despite my loyalty to T-Mobile, they are lumping me into a category with people who have scammed the system. They have not given me any wonderful phone and I do not feel appreciated whatsoever as a long time customer.

I would really like to be able to cancel service with T-Mobile free of any cancellation fees. I do not feel that I should have to pay this fee just because they changed the contract after I signed it.

I thank you for reading my case and signing my petition!

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