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Petition for T-Mobile to bring back an LTE capable Sidekick

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This petition is for T-mobile to bring back the classic and quite honestly timeless phone that we all knew and loves throughout our adolescence. The T-Mobile Sidekick was a capable and unforgettable phone that society cannot do without. 

The sidekick revolution began with a large kick. It look the cellphone from mainly the corporate market to the hands of teens and A-list celebrities everywhere. The sidekick was born out of the brains of two former Apple employees who aimed to make an affordable and user friendly internet experience that was originally born as the "Hiptop."

The sidekick soon became the cellphone experience of choice that swept the nation in 2002. My first sidekick experience came in the 6th grade, I walked to school every day and my parents decided to gift my brothers and I with Sidekicks to give us way to communicate with them while we were away. It quickly became my "sidekick," and I began checking my Myspace, texting my friends, and and adding and removing people from my "Fav Five."

The sidekick gifted me the ultimate control of my life and of my technology. It was a revolutionary phone and internet experience and I think I can speak for all of us when I say, we need the Sidekick back in our lives. In a world where iPhone's run the city, don't we deserve a new hero?

So I challenge you, T-Mobile, to let go of your fears that Apple iPhone brings and become the true un-carrier of the cell phone market. Show us that you won't stop breaking the rules of wireless and bring the Sidekick back.

It's the hero that the world deserves but (may or may not) need.

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