Move Florida Tech's Fall Semester Final Exams ONLINE

Move Florida Tech's Fall Semester Final Exams ONLINE

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This past Friday night, tragedy struck the campus of Florida Institute of Technology. Our student community must now begin to process the incidents that occurred Friday night which resulted in the injury of multiple students, and must also grieve the loss of another fellow student. Not only will we be focused on aiding our mental health at this time, but we also have to endure the fear of what happened and what could happen in the future whenever we step foot on campus. In the words of President T. Dwayne McCay in his latest email, “We cannot stop bad things from happening in life, but we can control how we work together to persevere through them.”. We are all traumatized, and the only way we can persevere is if we put our mental and physical health FIRST. With that being said, we as a Florida Tech community start this petition to move our Fall Semester final exams online, allowing students to take them in an area where they feel safe. We shouldn’t be penalized for choosing to go home at this time, given the incidents that occurred, nor should we feel pressured to stay in an environment where we feel unsafe at this time. 

As students of this prestigious institution, our safety and well-being should be administrations number one priority. In light of the tragedy that occurred on Friday night, our student body needs to take this time to process and grieve in an environment that we feel safe in, which at this time isn't on campus. Please help our student body by signing this petition, so that we are given the decency from administration to grieve after a campus-wide trauma. 


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1,562 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!