Jacob Cohen get removed from Syracuse University for multiple rape allegations

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Multiple girls have come forward with sexual assault, rape, and stalking stories about a Syracuse freshman, Jacob Cohen, after an incident that happened in Brewster Hall on the 26th of August. 2 girls in Brewster were both victims of some form of sexual assault by Jacob Cohen. He was removed from Brewster, but after multiple allegations, and sources have said he had no form of punishment held against him and rumors have spread that he is now back in dorms still on campus. Since the incident last Wednesday, 2 girls from jacobs highschool have come forward on instagram with brave videos sharing their story of sexual assault from Jacob Cohen. He needs to be removed from campus, many feel unsafe knowing he is walking around free. Syracuse, please do something, for the safety of all of us. 

ALL INFORMATION ABOVE IS ALLEGED! there are multiple images and videos from victims coming forward on other forms of social media sharing their story but all information above is based on sources close to the story on campus.