10 Reasons to Say No to Drug Testing!

10 Reasons to Say No to Drug Testing!

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Stacey Rapino started this petition to Sylvania School Board Sylvania School Board and

Please sign this petition to tell the Sylvania School Board and Assistant Superintendent Tim Zieroff NO TO DRUG TESTING.

In April 2018 the Sylvania School Board passed an initiative that was proposed by Tim Zieroff.  The initiative was to start Random Drug Testing for grades 9-12.

1.      The School Board, Mr. Zieroff & Administrators, along with the testing representative, all stated that this proposal was not made in response to any increase in drug use at the high schools within the district.  This was not in response to any specific incident.  This was not in response to talk amongst the students of drug use.  This was not even in response to the new epidemic of Vaping, which is a current social topic and frequently discussed on the evening news.

2.      According to Board Members, Administrators and the Testing Company, Random Drug Testing was simply to “Give the Students an Excuse to say no when in a social situation.” To the tune of $16,000+ per year.  The School Board broke their own policy and chose the testing company without any competitive bidding.  A testing company that was known to and recommended by Tim Zieroff before the proposal was made.

3.      The policy is also overreaching and violates the decision made by The US Supreme Court.  The Court ruled that Random Drug Screening was constitution but ONLY for students who engage in Competitive Sports.  The School Board and Administrators have extended the policy to include anyone who wants to participate in any type of extracurricular, school event or school privilege.

4.      The policy violates a child’s right to medical privacy.  The US Supreme Court may be okay with giving up the rights to privacy for our children if they are involved in sports.  I hope someday to change that decision.  What the Court has not done is give up children’s rights in any other area.  The ACLU does not agree with the US Supreme Court’s decision in this matter and urges individuals to stand up to help enact change starting at the local and state levels.

5.      The policy violations our Constitutional rights to protection from illegal search and seizure.  Like in point 4, the ACLU and I do not agree with the US Supreme Court.  Individuals should stand up at the local and state level to help bring about change.

6.      The Sylvania School Board does not have a clear plan that is fair to all.  They have not outlined or given examples of how the policy will be implemented so as to be fair to all students.  Students who engage in athletics will receive lighter punishments than other students.

7.      The Sylvania School Board does not have a policy to provide due process to students in the event of a positive test.  Students are found guilty based upon a set of criteria that is not shared with Parents.  There is no hearing process to address innocence or present evidence to a fair impartial 3rd party like a Court Judge.  Violates Amendment 5 & Amendment 6 of the US Constitution.

8.      Effectiveness of the program.  The School Board and the Administration have been unable to give evidence as to the effectiveness of this type of Drug Prevention Program.  This program and the D.A.R.E. Program have been proven to not be effective drug prevention programs.

a.      Random Drug Testing information: https://ies.ed.gov/ncee/pubs/20104025/index.asp

b.      Project D.A.R.E. information: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1448384/

9.      Parents are responsible for funding the posttest requirements.  The parents of students, who are caught or identified, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, are required to pay for ALL of the follow up.  The parents pay for all 5+ follow up drug tests at an unknown cost.   The parents are required to have the child receive counseling.  For an unknown amount of time at an unknown cost.  As a parent of a child with bare bones insurance at today’s prices…  This is a significant amount of money that we don’t have.  I am not arguing that follow up is needed because it is for sure!

10.  Lastly, the effectiveness of the tests themselves.  Unless these tests are performed with absolutely no notice, they are essentially meaningless.  Because these tests need to be performed within 12-48 hours of drug use (on average), or they are essentially meaningless.

The Sylvania School Board has not finished the adoption process for this new initiative.  They have not completed the final vote on the policy.  There are 2 School board members that have reservations about the policy, its intent and its execution.

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