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SYFY: We want a 2nd season for "Ghost Mine"!

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Q: What is "Ghost Mine"?

A: Ghost Mine is reality TV series, on Syfy, that has to do with the paranormal activities in Sumpter, Oregon. A formerly closed down gold mine, the Crescent Mine, was reopened by the newest owner, Larry Overman. Larry hired on a team of miners that shortly all quit due to unexplainable events happening in the gold mine. Larry then hired two paranormal investigators, Patrick Doyle and Kristen Luman, along with a new crew of experienced miners. Once the miners started getting deeper into the mine, they started having paranormal experiences that resulted to one of the miners leaving. The paranormal duo have been finding more information and evidence on the history behind Sumpter, Oregon due to the activities not only being in the gold mine. The miners have experienced things that they can't explain and aren't giving up the reason they came to the Crescent Mine: finding gold. For more information on "Ghost Mine", please click the link below.


Q: Why should I sign this?

A: You should sign this petition to help a good show and cause continue. The story behind creating this show is that Larry Overman's wife, Stacie Sisk-Overman, had breast cancer and lost her former husband due to cancer as well. Larry and Stacie agreed they not only wanted to show people the true history of Oregon, but to also to help people who are dealing with cancer. For more information on Stacie Sisk-Overman and Larry Overman, please click the link below.


Q: Who is Nathan Narain and why did he start this petition?

A: Nathan Narain is a 20 year old actor in Oregon that is represented by Take 2 that was created by Stacie Sisk-Overman. Nathan is good friends with Stacie Sisk-Overman and Larry Overman. He wants to show the world what Stacie and Larry want to do. They all want to make a difference and make a good cause. Nathan started this petition because there aren't a lot of shows out there that have a meaningful story behind it. Nathan wants to help make a difference and needs YOUR help to make it happen. For more information on Nathan Narain and Take 2, please click the link below.


Q: How can I support this show?

A: There are multiple ways to support "Ghost Mine". Here are some ways:
- Sign this petition and get your friends/family to sign!
- DVR the show as many times as you can to raise the views.
- LIKE Larry Overman and Stacie Sisk-Overman's Facebook page:
- LIKE "Ghost Mine" on Facebook:


Special thanks to: Stacie Sisk-Overman, Larry Overman, Jay Verburg, Patrick Doyle, Matt Lande and you!


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