SAVE THE BABOONS STOP Primate experiments at Sydney Hospitals

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After the recent escape of Baboons from the Sydney Royal Prince Hospital the thought of animals being used in frankenstein like medical experiments in a hospital is absolutely appauling to the Australian way. It has come to light that betwern 2007 and 2012 over AUD 632,700.00 in Funding Scheme Enabling Grants was given by the National Health and Medical Reasearch Council to the following researchers Researchers: Prof Annemarie Hennessy (Principal investigator) ,  Prof Anthony D'Apice ,  Prof David Le Couteur ,  Prof John Rasko ,  Prof Philip O'Connell  to conduct research in live primates  namely BABOONS.

This was managed by the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

This needs to stop immediately. Public funds and taxpayer dollars cant be and shouldnt be allowed to be used in this way. SAVE THE BABOONS STOP LIVE PRIMATE EXPERIMENTS SYDNEY HOSPITALS.