Ban Anti-Homeless Architecture

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Anti-Homeless architectures are common and horrid structures that can be found on the streets all around Sydney. The point of such architecture is to deter those without a safe place that is theirs, to take away yet another option from the homeless who already have little options left. Examples of such architecture include, slanted benches and benches with partitions to prevent the homeless from sleeping on them, spikes on shop fronts to avoid loitering under shelters in bad weather, and rocky and illogical sections of pavement to make the streets of Sydney an even more daunting place for those without homes. It is inexcusable for society to defend such architecture in the name of "bettering" communities when in reality all we are accomplishing is creating even more obstacles for the homeless in the name of vanity. Those without safe homes are not problems, they are people and by signing this petition we are taking one step closer to realising this.