Sustainable Water Supply in Selangor

Sustainable Water Supply in Selangor

4 September 2020
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Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor and
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Why this petition matters

1. 22 September 2016, Sungai Semenyih Water Treatment Plant
2. 21 July 2019, Sungai Selangor Phase 1, 2 and 3 Water Treatment Plants and the Rantau Panjang Water Treatment Plant
3. 29 September 2019, Sungai Semenyih Water Treatment Plant
4. 3 September 2020, Sungai Selangor Phase 1, 2 and 3 Water Treatment Plants and the Rantau Panjang Water Treatment Plant

Time and again, the Selangor water supply has been disrupted without notice, leaving millions without access to clean water for drinking, washing, cooking, and medical uses.

Several times a year, without warning, people in KL and Selangor are forced to endure days without one of the most basic necessity. They have no choice but to travel, sometimes several hours away, just to buy some bottled water or to get water from a water truck so that they may rinse off the dirt on their body, to cook a meal for their family, or just to quench their thirst. In particular, I have discovered that my friend's old mother had to stop her dialysis because the water supply to the dialysis center has been cut off as well.

Imagine, a housewife forced to travel and pack food for her family simply because, without warning, her tap stops running and she has no water to cook. Imagine, an old, frail woman, who has to depend on regular dialysis sessions to clear out the waste products in her just to keep living, to keep her organs functioning, to suddenly lose her most basic right to healthcare due to a sudden water disruption that no one warned the clinic about. Imagine the healthcare workers and patients who suddenly have to worry about their sanitary conditions due to lack of water.

The four incidents above are just some of the many unscheduled water disruption due to pollution that has occurred in the past few years. For years, authorities have been able to track the polluters and clear the pollutants after the raw water pollution is discovered. Yet, we hear no news about how the responsible factories are fined heavily, suspended for a significant amount of time, forced to implement safety precautions, or even closed down permanently. 

I believe our authority has the power, and more importantly, the responsibility to prevent those who release wastes into our water supply from doing so. The perpetrators of pollution have to be held accountable. The Malaysia Ministry of Environment, LUAS, and SYABAS, have to be held accountable. 

In this petition, we demand the following:
1. Harsher rules and enforcement: on factories and job sites linked to water supply areas, more frequent inspections and spot checks. Denounce the polluters publicly to create shame and pressure for better industrial standards.
2. Better and faster action toward water shortage: higher level of preparation for backup water supply for residents, businesses, and most importantly healthcare facilities of affected areas. A wider coverage of water trucks and distribution of bottled water is needed, especially to less accessible areas.
3. Gradual upgrade of Selangor Water Supply System: Other than pollution, the system SYABAS has been maintaining has been breaking down frequently due to pipe bursts and other reasons as well. As Selangor develops, more businesses grow and people move to Selangor. As such, there should be a plan to upgrade the Selangor water system to deal with the high pressure of increasing water demand. The plan should take the current water requirement of Selangor residents in consideration, causing as little disruption as possible. 

For the sake of our future, for sustainable water supply —— a basic necessity, please sign and share this petition.

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Signatures: 2,325Next Goal: 2,500
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