Don’t let our greyhounds suffer by being sold for export

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Irish and British bred greyhounds are regularly shipped overseas in harsh conditions to countries that have no animal welfare laws. Many are sold for export into a life of cruelty and suffering - and it has to stop. That’s why I’m calling on cargo holders Swissport to refuse to accept Greyhounds as cargo.

I founded the Campaign Against Greyhound Exploitation & Death (CAGED) in 2012 and I’ve been fighting against cruelty to these intelligent, loyal, and innocent dogs ever since. In recent years we’ve become aware of greyhounds that are of no further use to the Irish and British racing industry being exported to Pakistan.

During their journeys, these dogs are packed into small crates for up to 20 hours, only to end up being used and exploited when they reach their destination. Many are forced to race in harsh conditions, hunt wild boar, or even fight other dogs - when they can die in cruel and agonising pain.

Changing animal export laws in the UK would take years as they are tied up with EU laws - even post brexit. That’s why the only way to reduce the suffering of these greyhounds is to get private companies like Swissport - one of the largest companies of its kind in the world - to step up and refuse to accept greyhounds as cargo.

We would like Swissport Cargo Services to refuse to assist any export of greyhounds, unless to EU countries for rescue purposes with recognised charities.

Please sign my petition to help bring an end to the cruel export of greyhounds.