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This is to SWING Entertainment, Play M Entertainment , Yuehua Entertainment , TOP Media , OUI Entertainment , MBK Entertainment , Woollim Entertainment , DSP Media , Starship Entertainment , and Brand New Music, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

each member of x1 went onto produce x 101 so they could achieve their dream, some went there for one more chance, some went their to save YOUR agency. Yes, YOUR agency, the same agency that allowed for the dreams on 11 boys to be crushed. They have sacrificed so much, just to make your name look good. And this is how you treat them?

not too long after debut, x1 had gone on a 2 month hiatus, with no notice to the fans of how the members were. A few months into debut and you could not give them what they earned, you were too worried about YOUR image. I don’t know if you’re reading this, but if you are, you are a disgusting, selfish, human being with no heart. How dare you make minors go through all of this. Then you make the youngest member apologize on camera?? ARE YOU SICK?? Yes, the produce seasons were rigged, but why does x1 have to carry the burden?

please know that we will not give up, not until we get justice for our boys, and your brand will be looked down on for a very, very, long time, and we will make sure of it.  Curse you and curse you a million times. #JusticeForX1