To save the charm and character of Old Town Swindon from a monstrosity of a Tower Block!!!


To save the charm and character of Old Town Swindon from a monstrosity of a Tower Block!!!

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Neil Robinson started this petition to Swindon Borough Council and


I moved to Old Town in April 2015. I love living here. I love the charm, the architecture, the shops, the people. The only part of Swindon left untouched - Look at the Town Centre, now a desolated nuclear fallout zone. Do we want the same to occur up here? I don't think so I'm afraid. Old Town should not become the new Peckham or Penhill.

The Swindon Advertiser today published horrific plans that will see the site of its offices sold off to a company, which will build an eye sore of a multi-purpose use Tower Block! It will be taller than Christ Church, blighting the skyline from the people who look up to Old Town from New Town.

PLANS have been drawn up by the potential new owner of Newspaper House on Victoria Road in a bid to kick-start the regeneration of Old Town. Swindon Regeneration Ltd is expected to buy the home of The Adver from parent group Newsquest if planning permission is granted to build the 148 new flats, offices and a new community space. The proposal, drawn up by architects Quad Group, is currently with Swindon Borough Council in the pre-planning application stages.

The redevelopment is proposed in four different areas. The frontage of the building on Victoria Road, which is listed, will remain, with the ground floor divided into two units which will either be shops or offices. The current doorway will form a new public archway that will link Victoria Road and Albert Street, with the current columns remaining in place.

In a nutshell, the plan is to keep the facade of the Adver Building, but throw up a massive tower block behind it. The most outrageous idea ever. Please sign this petition and I will forward it to Swindon Borough Council. Please share it on Facebook and around the local community, shops, everywhere. We must stop this! We will make them listen. 

The parking problems in Old Town are bad enough as it is, tight, narrow, limited. The current Swindon Borough Tory Council have failed Old Town. The high rise structure wrecks the Old Town Skyline and looks totally out of place. Furthermore, I do not understand how the Swindon Advertiser can just sit back and allow this to take place? It always used to champion being proud of being based in Old Town. It's legacy could undermine the only remaining nice area of Swindon. It locked its online comments until it bowed to pressure. A conflict of interest is happening, as it needs to get rid of its land - sod the people of Swindon! 

The Adver changed its name from "Evening Advertiser" to "Swindon" Advertiser to affirm its loyalty to the town. As yet, it has still failed to report the massive uproar from the people of Swindon. The way the Adver is going at the minute, it is on life support and will cease to exist soon. It has turned everybody against itself. It is a question of when, not if, for the Adver to cease. Its production is moving to Oxford so the Adver no longer cares about us! Support Swindon 24 for your source of free impartial local news. 

There is also a scandal with the Architect, just google Gary Madgwick, the most hated person in Swindon right now. He is a convicted Fraudster 

He also said some outrageous things about Old Town. Gary Madgwick said, in his own words:

“We sat down and said, what would be really stunning, what would put Old Town on the map so that it wasn’t the poor neighbour of New Town?"

“I was driving up Cricklade Street at the beginning of winter and I looked up across to where Newspaper House is and all I saw was this grey building. I thought, wouldn’t it be lovely to have Christ Church on one side and a new tower block on the other side."

OUTRAGEOUS false claims, considering Old Town is the TRENDIEST, CLASSIEST MOST DESIRABLE AREA OF SWINDON!  Let him know what you think:

A tower would put enormous pressure on waste collections, parking, the sewage network, blight the skyline of Old Town, void Christ Church as the highest point in Swindon, block out natural daylight and sabotage any remaining bit of history Swindon has.This is an attempt of pure greed to capture the in-demand Old Town rental market. Why not keep the site as Business use only? WHY FLATS???? 

  • SPREAD THE WORD - Please share this petition now on your Facebook / Twitter page, the more people know about this, the more that will sign and take note! Get your friends, family, neighbours and business owners all to sign right away!  #oldtowntower

If we reach many signatures, and get this project totally shelved (I don't mean cutting down a few stories, I mean the complete abolishment of the plans) - I will look into getting "We saved Old Town" Beer Commissioned. Print off a poster / flyer here for your house windows, shop windows, bars, cafes, etc:  And 

I want to simply maintain what we all enjoy.

Thank you for support. Let's get this petition in the thousands. Local MP Robert Buckland has signed this petition and has taken note of it.

Let's get 5,000 - 10,000 signatures and beyond, show them we are serious about keeping the "OLD" in OLD TOWN. 

UPDATE: 14/03/16 - They have scrapped the 14-storey tower proposal but who is to say a 10 storey tower won't later be submitted, or another awful proposal? It isn't the end...

Neil Robinson. 27, Old Town.



This petition made change with 2,478 supporters!

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