Swiggy Must Cut Down Plastic

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Swiggy is an amazing service that I love. But I often feel guilty every time I order home delivered food, and then I realised as aggregators and as a company poised to take over the food delivery market you guys could create a major ecological impact.

Here's my idea:
Swiggy provides all their delivery folk with a variety of Tupperware or other kind of non-disposable containers which can be used to deliver food. The customer pays a deposit fee (depending on the order and number of containers) and they return them the next time they order via Swiggy (and you adjust the deposit, depending on whether it's more or less containers). Or you could do a one-time standard deposit. Also instead of giving the order to the customer in a bag (whether paper, plastic or cloth), the delivery guy can just take them out of their own-reusable bags and give it to the customer.

Swiggy can get some great media doing the stats on the amount of plastic and other packaging they are single-handedly saving!! And everyone will love the brand even more than they already do!!

And I will never think twice about ordering from Swiggy.

Looking forward to your positive response.

Also you can encourage restaurants to use eco-friendly packaging and avoid the disposable cutlery.