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Sweden has given permission to shoot 293 Bears.

Eleven bears already shot in Dalarna. This county has a quote of 38 Bears.

On Sunday morning began in the year of bear hunting license. After just a few hours, just before eight o'clock, was the first Bear convicted.

It was a small female bear, probably a kid from last year.

A rising bear population in Sweden has led to raised hunting quotas this year. There are estimated to be over 2,550 bears in the country, of which hunters are allowed to shoot 184 between now and the end of the season on October 15th.

The Swedish Association for Hunting and Wildlife Management says that interest for bear hunting has increased this year.

Sweden has killed a lot of their predators this year. About 20 Wolves and and about 100 Lynx are killed.

Now also the Bears

Please sign and help the Bears in Sweden

Thank you very much

Letter to
Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt
Sweden Parliamentary Ombudsman
Environment Minister Andreas Carlgren
and 1 other
EU Commissioner Janez Potocnik
It is with great sadness I have learned that 11 bears have been shot and you are going to kill 293 bears. One of the Bears was just a cub.
There is given green light from the government.

It’s a disgrace for one of the world’s richest countries not protect their precious and native predators.

Sweden is a big country 449,964 km2 with only 9,354,462 inhabitants and there is no place for your native predators.

Sheep farmers blame predators for thousands of sheep suffering and death each year. It is sheep farmers responsibility to put up secure fencing against predators.

Bears are SPECIES OF COMMUNITY INTEREST IN NEED OF STRICT PROTECTION and therefore we ask you to change your agreement and instead protect your predators.

Animal lovers across the world are aware of Sweden’s shooting of bears, wolves and lynx.

If not predator policy changed from eradication to conservation in Sweden it can leads to boycott of your country in both trade and tourism.

As Mahatma Gandhi said: " The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated".

Thank you for taking your time to read this letter.


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