Remove Davia Temin from Swarthmore Board of Managers!

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It has come to our attention that a former Swarthmore College alumnus and current member of the Swarthmore College Board of Managers, Davia Temin, has had a long and egregious history of workplace misconduct. Temin founded and works as the CEO of Temin & Co., a crisis management firm based in New York City. The firm has a small, constantly revolving staff with alarmingly high employee attrition rates. On the surface, the firm seems to be a wonderful workplace for newly minted college graduates: it seemed to be an exciting workplace, and it was owned by a successful female entrepreneur who was featured in Forbes magazine for her advice on retaining and fostering women’s talents, skills, and ambitions in the workplace. 

Yet, Davia Temin was anything but what she seemed. She recruited Kaitlyn Ramirez ‘17, a fellow Swarthmore alumnus, using the Swarthmore College Career Center externship week. She assured Kaitlyn that she would provide her a job with plentiful opportunities for professional growth and mentorship. In the years that followed, Davia broke that promise. According to Kaitlyn Ramirez’s ongoing civil case against Davia Temin and Temin & Co., Davia refused to even pay Kaitlyn, an Afro-Latina and the only Black woman in the entire company, equal pay for equal work. 

Indeed, the 72 counts from the civil suit range from wage theft and sexual harassment to racial discrimination and physical assault. Accounts of her exploitation have further been corroborated by other former employees from Temin & Co. For years, Temin has leveraged her power and ample social and economic resources to silence victims of her abuse. This must end. 

Swarthmore College has a publicly stated mission to “help its students realize their full intellectual and personal potential combined with a deep sense of ethical and social concern”. Temin’s actions and sentiments fall categorically outside this mission. Temin has proven herself to be utterly negligent and malicious in her treatment of the young professionals in her employment. She can hardly bring herself to abide by New York labor laws. She should not be seated as one Swarthmore College’s Board of Managers where she influences the trajectories of countless young students trying to better their lives. Her behavior necessitates Swarthmore College to act in swift, decisive action. 

  1. We demand that Swarthmore College permanently remove Davia Temin from the Swarthmore Board of Managers.  
  2. We demand that Davia Temin be unable to recruit Swarthmore alumni using information from Swarthmore College Career Services. 
  3. We demand that Davia Temin be rendered permanently ineligible to act as a host for Swarthmore’s externship program. 
  4. We demand that Swarthmore College never enter into a client relationship with Temin & Co and dissolve any current business agreements. 
  5. We demand that Swarthmore College issues a public statement publicly condemning Temin & Co’s exploitative labor practices.  

Swarthmore College promises its students a stellar, engaged education and an environment filled with caring mentors dedicated to their growth. Any additional second of Davia Temin’s presence on the board and her unfettered access to current and future students renders this promise void in the most base manner. Swarthmore must act now!

Further details of the ongoing civil lawsuit against Davia Temin can be found in the below link: