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Women are far more superior than men because they have that one power... power to give birth to a new life... At the same time I (Swapnil Shirsekar) understood that the phenomenon that offers this power to a woman is always given less attention. The phenomenon is not other than 'Blooded Menstruation'. I observed that it is the subject that is not talked about in public, or even in a family. Every woman, every family eagerly waits for the arrival of a new baby in their home, but unfortunately everybody feels awkward speaking about the power of menstruation. If this is the case in a city like suburbs, how horrible must be the situation in my own rural areas? Then I decided to come forward to work against this social untouched taboo.

  • I started meeting students from schools and colleges. 
  • I started meeting different people from different organizations. 
  • I started encouraging girls and women to speak about menstruation. 
  • I started educating them that menstruation is normal and healthy. 
  • I started educating educated girls and women about menstrual hygiene.

We are a group of local youth in Vasai Region Palghar District, and we have recently set up a community group STEPUP FOUNDATION running free Awareness Campaign on “Menstrual Hygiene Management & Awareness programs in Maharashtra” for the adolescence Girl child and for every woman who really need this awareness in the area. We were mainly inspired to start the foundation because some of our Girl Children often got into trouble at school, and didn’t find it very easy to make availability of sanitary napkins when it was needed on time of emergency.

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