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Svedka: Stop showing women of the "future" as robots that are controlled by men


Women are not robots! By portraying women as "things," like robots, you are encouraging disrespect of women and making it more likely that violence against women will occur. A "seductive, sexy" robot insinuates that others can control it.

Letter to
Chief Marketing Officer, Spirits Marque One LLC (makers of Svedka) Marina Hahn
Director, Public Relations at Spirits Marque One LLC (makers of Svedka) Meryl Van Meter
I am writing to you about your commercial where you have Svedka’s spokebot strutting around to promote your vodka. I do not like this commercial because you give the impression that women of the future are objects and have become robots that men can control and program. You will no longer get my business until you start treating women with respect and dignity and stop portraying them as mindless robots.
This commercial is very problematic for women because it gives the impression that women can be controlled and that men. It also shows that women of the future will not be real but robots that have no thoughts of their own and will do whatever they are told to do.
I was formerly a loyal customer, but I no longer support Sevdka vodka. In order to win my business back, Svedka needs to depict women as actual women not robotic women. I am telling other consumers and all of my friends and acquaintances about my thoughts and encouraging them to take the same action.

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