Politicians urged to fly economy class instead of business class to support communities

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Our farmers are in peril, the drought and fires are killing in more ways than one, and the Australian government is busy spending money outside Australia, but here's a way MPs individually across the country can show a united front in supporting our farmers the backbone of our country in the wake of the drought, and now the larger community in the wake of devastating fires.  There's no room for the words 'Not my problem' next to the words 'Advance Australia'.

IF FEDERAL AND STATE MPs ACROSS AUSTRALIA OPTED TO FLY ECONOMY CLASS INSTEAD OF BUSINESS CLASS to even three Parliamentary sittings, the savings would be tremendous, and could be funnelled instead to our farmers i distress.  For example, savings from Cairns to Brisbane for a State MP, appx $400.  For a Federal MP to Canberra from Cairns appx $600.  This is just an example.   

We would hope that politicians could see fit to 'suffer' economy class travel to Parliament and that Federal and State governments would channel this into a fund to support our farmers, the country's backbone.  

We request the Prime Minister and State Premiers and Opposition Leaders consider encouraging their Members to make a little sacrifice in consideration of their fellow Australians.  What goes around, comes around and it will be interesting to see which of our MPs are in it for the people.  Sign in support, and lobby your local MPs and let's hear who's going to support their farmers without even having to put their hands in their pockets.