Stop the Closure of part of Ruskin Drive & Browning Avenue in Worcester Park

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Sign this petition to stop the closure of part of Ruskin Drive and Browning Avenue to all traffic

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Sutton council has proposed a scheme to close part of Ruskin Drive (by Dorchester Road) and Browning Avenue to all traffic except buses, emergency services and cycles.This will be implemented in September with absolutely NO public consultation, it has been put forward as an ‘experimental’ scheme therefore residents will only be asked for feedback 6 months after it has been put in place! This will have an impact on the residents of Worcester Park and the surrounding areas and we do not agree that such a plan should be implemented without any public consultation!

The scheme looks to tackle a reduction of the volume of traffic cutting through the area between London Road and Central Road and to create a quieter and safer area for residents, walkers and cyclists going to the local schools and shops in North Cheam, but the plans as they stand will just push the problem elsewhere.

We know that Worcester Park and in particular Central Road is already extremely congested (even more so now that the 2 lanes in each direction under the railway bridge have been reduced to 1 lane each way to create more space for cyclists/pedestrians) but under the current proposed scheme this congestion will only become worse. The cars that use Browning Avenue and the adjoining side roads to get to various parts of Sutton, North Cheam, Worcester Park, the A3, New Malden and Kingston will have no choice but to use Central Road and any side roads that remain open to compensate.

The plan looks to push cars towards the already congested A roads in the area meaning more traffic, longer commutes, increased risk to cyclists and pedestrians and more pollution. Yes Browning Avenue will not be used as a cut through, but the problem will just be pushed further outwards.

This proposal will have a huge impact on the area and is being rushed through without any consultation or proper planning to tackle the problems it will create. It will only make the roads that they close safer for cyclists and pedestrians but will cause chaos to the surrounding roads, so in trying to resolve a problem in one area it will cause a negative impact everywhere else!

We acknowledge that there does need to be a change to reduce traffic and pollution and to make the area safer for cyclists and pedestrians but want to see a plan put in place that is more beneficial to Worcester Park and addresses the issues that this proposal doesn’t. Before anything is implemented we want a proper consultation for residents to give their feedback.

If you would like to try and stop this scheme from going ahead then please sign this petition.