Engadine Skatepark Needs a Revamp!

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Ive grown up in Engadine and around skateboarding. Skateboarding has shaped me and many others to become who we are today.

It was great having a local skatepark to help develop and progess my skills,  but from day 1 all transitions were and still remain very rough and sketchy this was mainly due to the construction team being inexperienced in skatepark building, as a result of this I've seen many people get un necessarily hurt myself included. 

I think a full upgrade of engadine skatepark would be very beneficial and not just a paint job. From a design perspective it is good enough, the main issue is the transitions. Fairy meadow skatepark just recently had a renovation,  something similar would be perfect for engadine. Simply just a resurface, coping improvement and potentially an extension. 


-A better skate facility that people from outside of engadine go out of their way to travel to (greenhills skatepark is a perfect example of this)

-A safer facility to master their craft (skateboard, scooter, bike rider etc)

-A project that the local community can get together and work on with local skateboarders and others that use the facilities.

-This will attract more people to visit the already amazing engadine, which will then in time improve local businesses 

-skateboarding is now in the olympics the talent that is around the shire is amazing and another spot they can practice and potentially get some home grown talent on the big stage.