Sussan Ley: Finally declare our precious koalas as endangered

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The koala is one of the most iconic species in the world - and they are only found in Australia! Sadly, despite being globally adored, koalas are facing the threat of extinction. That’s why we need to declare koalas as endangered to protect this beautiful species, before it’s too late.

Excessive tree-clearing and logging operations in QLD and NSW are major reasons why we’re losing these native marsupials. I am infuriated that property developers and the government can heartlessly choose to bulldoze threatened koala habitats for profits. We need to declare koalas as endangered to ensure that the developmental plans are truly sustainable.

Unfortunately, uncaring developers aren’t the only threat koalas are facing. The bushfires that have been blazing across Australia have been catastrophic for these native animals. In NSW, a third of what was left of the koala population has been horrifically wiped out. Since they are slow-moving and unable to flee bushfires, thousands of koalas have died, and hundreds have had to be put to sleep.

With climate change expected to bring on hotter climate and more intense bushfires, the future does not look good for our koalas. This is why I’m urging Sussan Ley, our Environment Minister to act now and safeguard their future. Koalas must be declared as an endangered species, now.

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