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Suspend European agricultural aids...

Suspend European agricultural aids to country who do not respect all its commitments about predators.

The European environmental Department does not appear to take the measure of what is happening in Europe, on which, the situation, became totally anarchic particularly in France and Spain, where everyone, for some absurd reason, can, at will, make public call to poach predators, poach them, shoot the wolf at sight with no other reason than to exterminate the wolf.

We urge Europe to take measure against these countries and oblige them to respect their commitments to protect predators and so the wild.

Germany, Italy and Poland are the good student of Europe and work hard to coexist with their predators and it works.
France and Spain, for exemple, are the bad one of Europe since the agricultural and hunting lobbying decide to eradicate the wolves from their territory just because they want, for some, to win the money for the predator's plan and, for the others, they do not want any competition on their prey, even if theyknow that without predators, they will destroy the balance of the wild.

We ask Europe to take their own responsability and suspend the agricultural aids to the country which will not respect its commitments about predators, to oblige them to stop this bleeding situation which could see, one more time, the extermination of wolves or others predators.

In the name of the biodiversity, of the human race, for the futur generation, this is not acceptable.


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