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OUTRAGE: On Nov. 12th, the U.N. plans to elect Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chávez to its highest human rights body. This will grant legitimacy to an ailing autocrat who persecutes journalists, judges, human rights activists and student leaders; a man who supports the butchers of Syria and Iran -- just as he backed “brother” Col. Qaddafi to the bitter end. Read more:

Letter to
National Security Advisor Susan Rice
I urge you to speak out and oppose the candidacy of Venezuela for the United Nations Human Rights Council. Given its poor record on human rights protection at home, and its poor record in human rights promotion at the U.N., the government of Venezuela fails to meet the minimum membership criteria established by the UN General Assembly. Instead, the UN Human Rights Council should adopt the NGO-drafted resolution on Venezuelan abuses (

This appeal will be delivered to the U.N. on Nov. 8th, and is endorsed by the following MPs, NGOs & human rights activists:

• Matteo Mecacci, Member of Italian Parliament, Chairman of Committee on Democracy, Human Rights and Humanitarian Questions of OSCE Parliamentary Assembly
• Riccardo Migliori, Member of the Italian Parliament, Vice President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly
• Denis MacShane, Member of the UK Parliament, former Minister for Europe
• Irwin Cotler, Member of Canadian Parliament, Liberal Critic for Human Rights, Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on International Human Rights
• Michael Danby, Member of Australian Parliament, Committee on Foreign Affairs
• Fiamma Nirenstein, Member of the Italian Parliament, Vice President of the Committee on Foreign Affairs
• Morten Hoglund, Member of Norwegian Parliament, Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee
• Karin S Woldseth, Member of Norwegian Parliament, Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee
• Hillel Neuer, United Nations Watch, Switzerland
• Dr. Yang Jianli, Chinese dissident and former political prisoner, Founder and President of Initiatives for China
• Robert R. LaGamma, President, Council for a Community of Democracies, USA
• Laurence Kwark, Secretary General, Pax Romana, ICMICA/MIIC, Switzerland
• Javier El-Hage, General Counsel, Human Rights Foundation
• Jacob Mchangama, Center for Political Studies, Denmark
• Anyakwee Nsirimovu, Insitute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Nigeria
• Ali AlAhmed, The Gulf Institute, USA
• Nazanin Afshin-Jam, President and Co-Founder, Stop Child Executions, Canada
• John J. Suarez, International Secretary, Cuban Democratic Directorate
• Nguyên Lê Nhân Quyên, Delegate, Vietnamese League for Human Rights, Switzerland
• Dr. Francois Ullmann, President, Ingenieurs du Monde, Switzerland
• Fazal-ur Rehman Afridi, Institut de recherche et d’études stratégiques de Khyber, France
• Hu Ping, Chinese dissident, editor of Beijing Spring, former president of the Chinese Alliance for Democracy
• Christina Fu, New Hope Foundation, President
• Michael Craig, China Rights Network, President
• Huang Hebian, The Alliance of the Guard of Canadian Values
• Mamady Kaba, African Assembly for the Defense of Human Rights (RADHHO), Guinea
• Ann J. Buwalda, Esq., Executive Director, Jubilee Campaign USA
• Ali Egal, Fanole Human Rights & Development Organization (FAHRO), Somalia/Kenya
• Jean Stoner, Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, USA
• Amina Bouayach, Morrocan Organisation For Human Rights, Morocco
• Faisal Fulad, Gulf European Centre for Human Rights, UK
• Dickson Ntwiga, Executive Director, Solidarity House International, Kenya
• Faisal Hassan, Bahrain Human Rights Watch Society, Bahrain
• Elizabeth Vanardenne, UN Rep, International Federation of Business & Professional Women
• Yang Kuanxing, Chinese dissident, editor of Yibao and original signatory to Charter ‘08, the manifesto calling for political reform in China
• Yuri Dzhibladze, Center for Development of Democracy & Human Rights, Russia
• Huguette Chomski Magnis, Mouvement Pour la Paix et Contre le Terrorisme, France
• Kabaale G Timothy, African Centre for Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture Victims, Uganda
• Gibreil I. M. Hamid, President, Darfur Peace and Development Centre, Switzerland
• Dr. Harris O. Schoenberg, President, UN Reform Advocates, USA
• Galina Nechitailo, Vice-President, Environmental Women’s Assembly
• Dan Mariaschin, Executive Vice President, B'nai B'rith International
• Klaus Netter, Main Representative at UNOG, Coordinating Board of Jewish Organizations

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