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Susan Rice, Samantha Power: Step Up for Darfur


As Darfur is experiencing a dramatic spike in violence on the tenth anniversary of the crisis, Susan Rice and Samantha Power have been appointed National Security Adviser and Ambassador to the United Nations respectively.  In their new positions, they will have the unique opportunity to directly impact the U.S. and world's response to the dire man-made humanitarian crisis in Darfur—and all of Sudan.  

Tell Susan Rice and Samantha Power to do all in their power to protect innocent civilians and change the 10-years deadly status quo in Darfur. 

About Darfur, Susan Rice said: 
"One has to wonder how the (Bush) Administration can explain to the dead, the nearly dead, and the soon to be dead people of Darfur that, at the end of the day, even after we have declared that genocide is occurring, even after we repeatedly insist that we are committed to stoping it, the United States continues to stand by as the genocide occurs." (2007:

About Darfur, Samantha Power said:
"The genocide in Darfur will not stop unless there is sustained U.S. leadership…It means sustained, relentless U.S. leadership…It is long past time to get serious." (2007:

Letter to
National Security Advisor Susan Rice
United States Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power
Congratulations on your new appointments. You are now both in positions of great influence, directly impacting issues you have been passionate about for decades—mass atrocities and genocide.  

After ten years of horrific man-made crisis in Darfur, there is an alarming increase in violence. Millions continue to live in displacement and without consistent humanitarian aid.  Generations of Darfuris have lived without peace and stability, looking with hope towards leaders like you, only to be disappointed.  

We strongly request that you live up to your words and the passion we know you have towards protecting innocent victims of mass atrocities. You both have close, personal connections to the Darfur cause and to the real people behind the horrific numbers of displaced, hungry, raped, and killed.

In your new positions, renew your commitment, publicly and loudly, and move the United States and the world on the road to concrete change towards peace, protection, and justice for the people of Darfur and all the marginalized in Sudan.

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