New Portland VA Should Re-Open Site Selection Process and address the needs of our Vets!

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We have recently learned of the Department of Veterans Affairs’ decision to Open a New VA in Maine without public hearings to learn our concerns including the lack of critical shuttle services or support for our Homeless Veterans.

No public transportation service from anywhere to the new VA Hospital in Portland is a slap in the face to these American heroes.

Veterans deserve better treatment than what they are getting now. These men and women put their own lives at risk to protect its people, and it is appalling to see veterans not getting the care they need.

We are depriving our senior Veterans of a safe means to get the healthcare they deserve!

The healthcare system for the veterans provided by the government is unacceptable. Without our military our country would not exist. 

Maine has an opportunity to be a leader in Veterans Health care and if we are going to do something new, let’s do something new, not just relocate. 

Besides not improving the quality of care for our vets, this plan does not look at the impact of traffic congestion and pollution for this environmentally sensitive natural area.

Support our Vets- they stood up for us, we need to stand up for them. Take a stand for our veterans and sign this petition to Re-open the Site Selection Process for the Portand VA