Allow all Maine students to pass the 2019-2020 Academic school year.

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IN ORDER FOR THIS TO GO INTO EFFECT// YOU HAVE TO DO YOUR BEST AND TRY YOUR HARDEST. NO CAMPERS! Maine is struggling with education and teaching us kids due to the coronavirus. This will have a major setback in our lives if we can’t pass. This is effecting me personally and i’m struggling please help me and all of us please. 

Sam said: In light of the recent pandemic caused by covid-19 students and parents alike are urging the state to allow the students to be able to pass the last semester of this school year. The amount of stress that has been put on all of us because of the virus has been at an extreme and it continues to rise. Along with this the stress of school work and trying to complete it with little to no assistance from many teachers is unhealthy for everyone. We ask you to please help with this situation and make the right decision.