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Maryland Legislation - Revise Our Cottage Food Laws (Support HB 1106)

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 House Bill 1106 was passed by the House unanimously just last week! It allows for the sale of homemade cottage foods directly from your home, via online and by personal delivery or mail delivery. This is only a small step towards helping bakers and entrepreneurs in Maryland who want to sell their baked goods to the public straight from their homes. A small change to Maryland’s cottage food law would make a huge difference!

Can you believe that in Maryland, cottage food producers are only allowed to sell their products at farmer’s markets or at certain events? This makes running a cottage food business out of the home nearly impossible for people like me who have big dreams but little capital to get started small in our own homes without having to fork thousands of dollars on a commercial kitchen space. It is time to change the law and expand opportunity for more people.

That’s why we need your help to let legislators and the public know that reforming the law will positively impact countless of cottage foods entrepreneurs across the state!

When I moved to Baltimore and started working for a small bakery - which sold snacks and cookies - I couldn’t see myself doing anything else. I’ve known so many people who make minimum wage making baked goods that receive praise in local papers and sometimes even awards, but cannot find space at a farmer’s market or afford a brick-and-mortar business.

Wouldn’t it be so helpful and a lot EASIER to be able to sell beyond a farmer’s market? Join us in calling for changes to the law to let people get themselves started from home. This would not only help the underpaid, yet often highly skilled, but enable families across the state to earn extra income for themselves and their families. This is why we need your help in signing this petition!

Expanding avenues to sell will allow cottage food entrepreneurs like Nina MacDowall and Relindis Obong the opportunity to grow their home-based businesses. Nina spends a lot of her time caring for her 85-year-old father, so the flexibility of being able to work at home any time during the day or night is critical. Like many across Maryland, both Relindis and Nina are restricted to limited space at farmer’s markets, strict times of operation, and possibly even harsh weather to bear at outdoor farmers’ markets – all to be able to sell something that they have not only practiced for years but most importantly something they love.

Customers love buying local foods from members of their community. Nearly every state has embraced cottage food businesses as job creators and revenue generators, but Maryland is one of only twelve in the country that do not allow sales from home. Let’s support our own community!

I hope that you can help us to create a better Maryland for cottage food entrepreneurs. Please help Maryland join a growing movement!

If you have any questions or want to join our efforts, please contact the Baltimore Activism Manager at the Institute for Justice, Pablo Carvajal at 443-712-7385 or

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