Speaking up Against: Bylaw to ban MMA events in Surrey

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Topic- The purposed bylaw will ban MMA events in the city of Surrey. This petition would like to showcase support for the conversation to be shifted from a ban to discussions about positive changes in one of the fastest growing sports in the world.

The bylaw is said to support 'community safety and well being'. Kids and adults alike change their lifestyle to participate in MMA as it requires dedication, achieved by working on one's mind and body. It is a real life game of chess that spectators and fans understand.

What this petition hopes to accomplish- Your signature will showcase support in changing this from a ban to a conversation about positive changes, that can be made. These will make MMA not only safer for athletes, but focus on the event as a whole, and ensure the public is protected. People from all over should be able to come to MMA events in Surrey with friends and family to watch local athletes represent their city, with hopes of making it to the world stage!

This petition urges policy makers in Surrey to go to MMA gyms and meet the people who's lives will be affected by this bylaw, which seeks to ban MMA events in Surrey.


Deadline- Concerns or comments about Surrey’s proposed bylaw can be mailed or sent to city hall, by fax (604-501-7578) or email (clerks@surrey.ca) no later than 4 p.m. on Friday, March 20.