Implement these 4 basic amenities to improve Indian Railway

Implement these 4 basic amenities to improve Indian Railway

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A recent report published by India Today talked about the increase in the delay time of Indian Railways. The report was based on the data (Unofficial) of around 3000 trains provided by this site included the number of trips made by the trains and the average number of times they were delayed. This data has been fetched from private sources and  compiled since 2014 to till date for the months of Jan, Feb and March. These months were chosen because most of the time our Government blames weather conditions such as Fog to justify the delaying of railways. After the article written by India Today, our Railway Union Minister, Mr. Suresh Prabhu took notice and asked railway officials to looks into it.

On 9th March, 2017, I took a train from Delhi to my native place Ballia, my train was supposed to leave at 3:10pm but got delayed and rescheduled by 6-7 hrs. I brushed off this incident but then my train got delayed again by 12 hrs until I reached my station. The same incident was repeated when I was returning to New Delhi. This made me feel disappointed with our Railway system and at that time the idea of was born. Though this is not enough, Indian Railway still needs to go a long way. After discussing the issue with my peers, they told me about other essential amenities which may play a vital role in improving our Indian Railway system. So here are these 4 basic amenities which I urge the Railway Union Minister to think about:

  1. Passengers should get an auto SMS alert about delayed Trains: At present we get the information about our seat’s reservation, about its status whether confirmed, waiting etc. through an SMS. In the same manner we should also get an alert about our train’s delayed timings or any other important notification which may affect our travel through it. This service becomes more essential and convenient for travelers when a large number of trains are getting delayed.
  2. Indian Railways should compensate in case a train gets delayed:  The travelers of Indian railways are punished or charged for every mistake they make like traveling without ticket, without platform ticket etc. The same rules should also be applied in favor of the consumers of Railways. Compensation should be given to travelers’ whose trains are running late more than a limited period of time. Many travelers bear losses like medical emergency or missing a day at work or an exam or maybe an important event, our Railway Ministry must provide some kind of relief for a consumer’s loss.
  3. Number of General Compartments should be increased: It’s a well known fact that the number of trains is lesser than the number of travelers in Indian Railways. It is still difficult for the underprivileged with a reservation and sometimes people also travel in General compartment due to the lack of reserved seat. Our ministers must know about the depleting condition of travel in general compartment; people keep standing at the doors even inside washrooms and travel to long distances. This proves to be a serious threat for passenger’s safety, people are not even able to use the washrooms and some people see it as a chance to abuse their fellow women travelers.
  4. Reservation period should be decreased from 4 months to 2 months: Railways are known as the lifeline of India because it is an affordable and intelligible way of transport. People who are working away from their native homes or even a common man, who just want a vacation, are unable to decide about their journey in 4 months advance. During the festival season many people are left out from meeting their families because they are not able to get a reservation and due to this some shoddy travel agents earn benefits.

We, as a citizen of Incredible India, urge you to take a step towards implementing the above amenities in the Indian Railway system. These facilities will go a long way in providing convenience to these travelers of railways.