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Traffic jam at Donar - VIP road has become such a big issue that construction of R.O.B at Railway Crossing at Donar SPL 25 is extremely important. The business and life of people are deteriorating. People dont want to take route of Donar for commuting anywhere within the city. Even when we have important places such as railway Station, Schools, Medical institutions in the road, but this route is heavily populated from car, Auto, Bikes, rickshaws etc.

The only thing which can get rid of these things is R.O.B at Donar.

People commuting to offices from eastern areas (i.e. kathrahiya, Kabirchak etc) of Donar Railway Crossing has to leave at least an hour before to overcome the Traffic jam at Donar.

Please join in this cause to let Govt know about the difficulties faced by the poeple of darbhanga.