Classes from home, Reduce school fees

Classes from home, Reduce school fees

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All schools have moved to the digital platform and classes are being held online. It looks like this will continue for a few more months with Covid-19 still not under control.

Most schools have instructed the parents to pay the fees as per the schedule like every year. While most schools have been kind enough not to collect transportation fees, there is no reduction in any other fee.

While it is true that the schools continue to incur expenses in the form of salaries to staff, it cannot be ignored that a lot of other costs have reduced for the schools - for example electricity, water, maintenance and other such expenses. Also, extra-curricular activities like sports day, annual day and the likes are unlikely to be held this year further reducing the expenses for the school. 

On the other side, there is an increase in the expenses of the parents including one-time investment in computers, webcams and headphones and recurring expenses like internet charges.

Considering the above, it is the need of the hour that schools reduce their fees proportionately to the extent of their reduced expenses. This will help the parents to adapt to the new medium without increasing their financial burden. 

While it was easy for the schools to adapt to the digital mode of teaching, it is not the same for the parents as this is something not planned or anticipated. 

I urge the Honorable Education Minister of the state of Karnataka to involve all the stakeholders and arrive at a fair fees for this year. Your intervention is urgently sought.