Is it legal to harass husband for money without his mistake

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Same thing could happen with you also. Since before marriage my wife's affairs was going on and still she wants to stay near to her parents house. Her parent force her for marriage. She stay with me for 5 months only. After 1.5 years of separation without any evidance or medical test/cerhtificate or witness. she file fake DV ( fake domestic violence ) case on me, my parent. Her affairs evidence mails which I produce in court (she accepted that in court) are used against me and many other my evidance not at all considered. Many times in front of court she lie want to stay and cohabit with me. So I sent her written notice : she didn't reply to notice But court ignored it.

Fact is I never stop her for further studies, to do job, to attend interviews, she was free to visit anywhere, god worship was done with both of us..... Still..

trail  court after 4 years order me to pay her maintenance, rent and 50000/- from the date of filling. Great court came to conclusions on her gospel story Mental agonity happend to her due to her own affairs. So I am treated as ATM machine for everyone. Immediately after this order Distress warrent is issues against me to pay 540000/- extortion money within a month ( next date )
As per her preplan she had already left her job, without any responsibility MBA wife having good years of experience seating ideal at home not only this she also want her salary me to pay. She is not ready to mutual concern divorce. Since last 6.5+ years my physical and mental harassment and tourcher is going on I lost my 2 jobs... when distress warent was stayed by higher court she was present in court but still next day she visit police to recovery of money or to arrest me. To avoide arrest i had abscond from home and face lots of physical & mental harassment.... At that time my eye was operated due to all this harassment and stress proper care was not taken of eye, it is now showing very blurred image.....possibly risk of ratina ditachment.
Problem is no law available to support husband harassment. I have filled revision case in high court. My accident happened she didn't visit to see me. My mother was ill she didn't visit to see her. But In front of court she again lie wanted to stay/cohabit with me and she refused too and file application to withdraw deposited money. Waiting for bombay HC decision.....
Every one is saying 90% law are in fever of wife best example is 498a & DV. But What husband to do? Live in relation is not a solution and our culture.
I have lost my 6.5+ years and lots of financial loss & all this.

How is it fare law which doesn't prove/punish wife for her own affairs but wife can prove/punish husband in domestic violence act without any evidence & witness. How husband mental & physical harassment for money is legal, it is without my mistake so it's equivalent to attempt to murder for money.