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Investigate the jurors in the Casey Anthony trial

The jury in the Casey Anthony trial took an oath to uphold the law and to follow the instructions given by the court in reaching a verdict. Interviews given by some of the jurors show that they did not review the evidence in this case. They considered facts not in evidence in reaching a verdict and they discussed the case prior to deliberations despite admonitions from the court not to do so. They have also stated that they did not believe the defendant in this case to be innocent despite the fact that they reached a verdict of not guilty. They have also stated that they failed to find Ms. Anthony guilty of child neglect even though they agree that there was evidence of neglect. We would urge the court to investigate this jury's conduct during the trial and deliberations and hold them in contempt of court for failing to follow the rules of the court.

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  • Supreme court of The state of Florida

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