Urging the Sindh government to ensure adequate Water Supply for the Citizens of Karachi

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Karachi, the cosmopolitan, home to atleast 21 million people needs 1.1bn gallons of water supply daily but is only provided with 550m gallons per day (MGD) which is not even guaranteed to be potable and safe for use. Meanwhile, Karachi’s population growth rate of 4.5% per annum means that nearly a million newcomers – economic migrants, refugees and internally displaced people enter the city every year, constraining the resources while increasing the ever growing demand.

This shortfall of water is leading to severe malnourishment, dehydration and such deseases which are only caused by contaminated water amongst the citizens of Karachi, this drastic misadventure leaves citizens no choice but to use alternative means to supply water which are not healthy and cost effective. The community suffers by both, man made problems and environmental polution.

We urge the government of Sindh on an emergency basis to ensure that water crisis is taken up with solution and ways to cope with the situation

We ask the upcoming federal Govt to rectify the water and sewage problems all over Pakistan in their manifesto for election.

We most humbly plea to His Esteemed Honorable Lordship Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take notice of the ongoing predicament and to uphold the tradition of providing adequate relief to the people in this regard.


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