Free Murad Attieh of Shiekh Jarrah—الحرية لمراد عطية

Free Murad Attieh of Shiekh Jarrah—الحرية لمراد عطية

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Mishaal Tariq started this petition to UNHRC-United Nations Human Rights Council and

Murad Attieh of Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem, Palestine was Illegally arrested by occupational forces of the illegitimate state of Israel, on August 10th, 2021. Tomorrow will mark one month since he has been behind bars. Without any trial or justice. 

He is a 25 years old Arabic teacher, a resident of the Palestinian neighborhood facing ethnic cleansing and settler terrorism. Murad's cellphone and his deceased father's cellphone were among the items the apartheid regime of Israel confiscated under no charges. He is being held for no reason and the colonial courts which are for the settlers, by the settlers—who are trying to ethnically cleanse and forcibly, violently displace Murad’s and other families of Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. These settler organizations are US based and backed by the imperialist capitalist, supremacist countries like the US, UK, Canada, France and many others. 

Murad’s court hearings have been delayed over and over again, this delay is used by Apartheid Israel as a tool to dissuade and subjugate Murad and his family to psychological warfare, torture and dampen their spirits. To restrict and silence the voice of resistance in Sheikh Jarrah. But we will NOT let that happen. 

Please sign this petition and share it as much as you can. Stand up against Illegitimate Israel's crimes against humanity and call for accountability without impunity. 

Imagine facing threat of being kicked out of your home by thieves who falsely accuse of not being the legal owners of your home which you've lived in for decades. Thieves who stole your homeland. Just so they can move in 'your' house that your family has owned for generations. And then imagine being arrested by the forces that are inherently terrorist and violent by nature. Being denied freedom, put behind bars, because you are asking for your basic right, to live peacefully in your home that you 'own'. 


Following is an account of what the units of Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood have to say about Murad:

Murad is not a normal guy, he is a social justice warrior. Many struggles and hardships have shaped his personality to be who he is today, to be strong enough to defend and call for justice for the people he loves the most, the residents of Sheikh Jarrah.

Speaking about the feeling of being a resident in Sheikh Jarrah, Murad says: " I really miss my family and being with my family. We used to meet at our house every night and talk about our day and how did it go. After being attacked by the Israeli occupation forces and the terrorist groups of the israeli settlers. After being threatened to be displaced, we no longer meet. We only talk throughout Whatsapp". 

Despite being tired from almost 8 hours shift teaching at school and in attempt to spread awareness about the atrocities practiced on East Jerusalem neighborhood, Murad is attending all press conferences and speaking about his neighborhood and the painful events of ethnic cleansing that is enforced on 28 families in the neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah.

Do not hesitate to share this, Let people around the world know that we have been raised to love and defend this land! Our Land . Share to let people know that voices like Murad's voice is our only weapon to fight this occupation.


Follow him on Instagram @murad.atia_3 


0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!