STOP renaming Havelock, Neil & Ross Is. It is a part of our heritage, & our conscience.

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Dear readers,

I hail from the distant Andaman and Nicobar islands. They are far from the indian mainland, yes, but also so pure and serene as nowhere on the planet. It is hard to imagine a more beautiful place to live.

People are perplexed by its organizability and the peace it reinforces.

One thing that also perplexes the people, from other places or from within are the names some of these places have. These are the names we have been familiar with since our very childhood.

We know Havelock and Neil as the beautiful tourist havens the likes of which no other place in the world can equal. We also know Ross island as the one thing that saved us from perishing in the 2004 tsunami. And we know that the Andamans will always be our one true home. 

And we want to remember them that way. 

We, the residents of these islands do not want these names to be changed into Swaraj or Shaheed Dweeps. We want them to stay Havelock and Neil. It is what has been engrained into our souls and therefore, i believe, the changing of names is something most of us cannot agree to.

This may be an internal issue but we need your help to stop this blasphemy. Since the last few years, development in the islands has been stagnant. Frequent electricity cuts have become an everyday routine. 

The ones pushing this idea from the islands are the tiniest minority and are hypocritical in their own sense. Netaji was never liked by the original residents of Andamans. It is because he had brought with him the Japanese who had tortured them to unimaginable extents. Netaji had always ignored their pleas of mercy and was therefore largely disliked all over. 

We are not against Netaji. Nor are we against any political party but we are against the ones who resort to name changing ceremonies instead of real progress. We are against those who think changing names of some far flung islands would not cause any problems, thinking we are largely but ignorant people.  

We are Indians prime minister, and we are patriotic as well. But we also have a sense of pride attached to our home. Creating an indirect memorial of some war hero who was vehemently disliked in these islands is not going to feed the people who are still below the poverty line here. 

We need your help. The Andamans need your help.