Remove voter's identity card and use Aadhaar instead!

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Recently the Government of India took a bold step to link Aadhaar card with PAN card, for preventing the use of multiple PAN cards and its possible misuses. Similarly, this petition is a request to remove the voter's identity card (EPIC) and promote Aadhaar card instead, for voter's identification purpose. When we have an Aadhaar card that has comprehensive information about a person, the EPIC (Voter's ID card) is redundant. Additionally, updating and issuing an copy (physical or E-copy) is easy compared to EPIC (Voter's ID card). Getting a new copy of EPIC (Voter's ID card) is cumbersome and prone to corruption, as you need to report that to your nearby police station before approaching the authorities.

This action would help:

1. Eliminate cost of maintaining this redundant EPIC, a separate voter's identity card

2. Avoid electoral frauds though bogus voting using fake identity cards

3. Eliminate multiple voting (in different constituencies) by holding multiple voter's card by the same person

4. Reduce the recurring cost, by the use of biometric identification instead ink through proper software upgrades

5. Eliminate booth capturing and related electoral frauds through proper software upgrades. For example, a need for distinct and verifiable fingerprint scans for counting each vote on the EVM (Electronic Voting Machine)

In addition, it would help promote multiple facilities and options with respect to voting. For example, this would ease and assist the requirements for voting at embassies abroad.