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Respected Citizens of India,

I request you all to sign this petition to make Cinemas of our country Accessible to all which includes all the 21 categories considered under PwD 2016 list. I believe, it is the fundamental right "Right to equality" of every citizen to enjoy life to the fullest. Several films are made on disabilities but the person who is considered in the movie is dejected from watching it on big screen of Cinemas. 

The standard of life PwD lives by facing discriminations and hopelessness may bring some hope in their lives by watching impactful cinemas. We all feel bad when our old aged grandparents or wheelchair user friends could not accompany us to cinemas only because those are not accessible with ramps.

This not only reduces financial profits to film industry but demotivates those creative people who actually makes such cinema so that PwDs and families of such citizens gets motivation. 

This change could motivate PwD section to come out of their mental blockages but also can play a great role in the development and progress of our country by leaps and bounds.