Lookout circulars in 498a, A bane for innocent!

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I personally am a victim in a false 498a cases and few other sections in IPC. When i came to India to cremate my father, my passport was impounded at the airport by the immigration authorities stating that i had a Look out circular in my name with a non bailable warrant. My fathers body was in my house awaiting my arrival, the process of obtaining bail after showing them the video proof of my fathers dead body, being detained in front of other travellers, escorted by the police.All this is a very traumatic experience and sometimes can lead to suicide. In my case i was still lucky as the authorities who were handling my case were very comprehensive and respectful but what about those who are not lucky?  What about all those NRI who are victimised in these false 498a cases? Once the passport is impounded, its hard to get it back. Money, time, knocking from one court door to other!  Loosing jobs, depression, some cases, the soul breadwinner detained for months together!!! Is this fair? We refuse to be the atms of abusive women. Whose fault is this? Issuing LOC or RCN before proven guilty, Please modify 498a and the subsequent sections.