India Against Rape. Let’s join hands to fight rape.

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“8-month-old girl raped by 28-year-old cousin in Delhi”
“15-year-old girl gang-raped, brutalised like Nirbhaya”
“Horrific gang rape shocks India as 15-year-old girl dies after suffering ruptured LIVER and LUNGS as group of men took turns mutilating her ”

These are only some of the recent headlines coming from Delhi NCR, India.

The recent case of a 8 month old girl being raped by her 28 year old cousin in Delhi shook me, and since after reading the news I am not able to digest this incident. How can someone be so brutal? The girl who has just entered the world, who cannot even speak was raped by a 28 year old man who happens to be the innocent soul's cousin. This was really disgusting.

*Who is at fault?*

The government or the police or the law or we, the people. I guess we, the people, are at fault. Because we choose to remain silent, because we choose to ignore.

Rape needs to stop, its high time now. I request everyone to come together and FIGHT AGAINST RAPE by signing the petition and ask the government and the law makers to change the LAWS AGAINST RAPE.

We demand capital punishment for the rapists.These shamless human beings must be hanged till death. This is the only punishment that should be given to a rapist irrespective of age or gender.