Give the Honest Indian Students, the justice they deserve, No cancellation of SSC exams

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Every student in India who dreams of having a place in public sector knows what all it takes to do it.


Working hard either its day or night, spending huge amount of money on stationary and coaching classes and 2-3 years of their lives, thats the minimum one has to give to gain a secure future for one's family. Many have even given all their youth to it and dealt with the harsh behaviour of society for being unemployed.


And even after giving all what they have to their dream what all they get is poor management, years of delay and injustice in its purest form.


In year 2017, SSC CGL has been conducted to recruit the intellectual minds of the country in Government Services. It took an entire year and a mass level protest to just conduct all 3 stages of the exam. Around 1.7 million students applied for the exam and 41 thousand got selected for the third round. Leakage of question papers and enquiry by CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) were the highlights of the examination process. Its been happening since many years and students are bound to accept the plight offered by the tainted system and government.


Inspite of this mental trauma the honest hard-working students still hope that their hard work will result in a fruitful scenario.


But in October 2018, Instead of eliminating the cheaters and bringing reforms, the Supreme Court of India gave clear signs of scrapping the entire examination process of SSC CGL and SSC CHSL 2017. This "Insensitive" move by the apex court threw the dreams and lives of thousands of students who have given many years of their lives for this, towards the verge of destruction.


Is this justice? The justice in the eyes of the apex court for this dispute, is no justice for an honest candidate.

"If justice done to one is injustice to the other person, then its not justice."

Here, we have to become rational and ask from the apex court,


  • Is it the only way to resolve this issue?
  • Since the exam was of online nature, then why it is difficult to catch the culprits?
  • Can Staff Selection Commission, Government Of India and Supreme Court guarantee that these issues will not be faced by the honest hard working candidates in future?
  • What CBI is doing since last 7 months, where is their expertise?
  • How they are going to pay the honest candidates for their sleepless nights, their expenses and for the mental trauma they are facing and will continue to face if the exam will be cancelled?
  • Cant there be a solution that will be in favour of everyone?
  • Cant they provide provisional allotment to all the selected students and eliminate the cheaters?
  • Why the same treatment is decided for the SSC CHSL 2017 exam, shouldnt it be treated separately with separate decision?


Its not only the fight of the thousands of students protesting for it, Its not only the fight of the lakhs of students who took part in it. Its the fight of every human being who thinks that justice should exist.


The system will continue to curb our dreams unless we raise our voice to curb it. Lets take a step to create a better world. Help thousands of students in their plight by supporting the protest.


A single step by you can change their lives.Save SSC CGL and CHSL