End the loud speaker menace in India permanently

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Despite clear Supreme Court guidelines with regards to using loudspeakers, we clearly see flouting of the law in name of celebration, religion or jubilance.

For example in my town anyone can decide that they want to do a jaagran (awake whole night singing prayers) and will ensure whole neighborhood stays awake by installing loudest speakers, sometimes extending speakers up to a kilometer. Meanwhile the mosques ensures that you wake up early even though you don't intend to attended the morning namaz.

Same is the situation if there is a marriage/griha-pravesh (Housewarming)/Eid/Sarawati puja etc where people feel the whole town should celebrate with them whole night with loud music.

Furthermore, mostly the miscreants who set up puja pandals, leave home in evening but keep the loudest music playing in the arena for whole night. The songs having no relation to the devotion of god/goddess.Most of the times drunk dancing can be seen in front of pandals.

Imagine the plight of a middle class family who spend life's income on a house which ends up being near a Mandir or Masjid ! 

With increasing density of houses, every home has either an elder or child or animal (poor things) or someone needing to concentrate on work or studies. It is so frustrating and disturbing when your wall too resonates with the loud thumping, especially when someone is seeking rest in illness.

Even though such open violation of law happens, with blatant disregard for lives of people around, also being health detrimental, our authorities seem to turn a blind eye on them and show no action. Surprisingly the common man is entrusted to report the matter to police when most of the times such events are organised by goons and powerful, which people hesitate.

When I tried stopping some people in my area, I had to face objections and stiff resistance.

This petition is to request our lawmakers and respected Supreme Court of India, to amend the law of using loud speakers to criminal violence against others, and ensure suo motu action from our administrators and police. 

This petition is not against any religion but criminals who break the law with impunity because effects of sound pollution on humans or animas is same as torturing someone to death of any caste or belief.