Does the dentistry come under modern medicine or not?

Does the dentistry come under modern medicine or not?

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What does the term Degree in Medicine mean????? Doesn't it include BDS along with MBBS?? 

As the Dentistry is not considered as medicine, Dentists are loosing so many employment opportunities in Food sector and health sector. I always thought BDS is a branch in medicine...if we see the history of dentistry in India , in 1920 dentistry was introduced as a subject of study  for medical students at Calcutta medical college. The Dentist Act of 1948 was an important landmark in the history of dental education  and the Dental council of India was constituted on  12 April 1949. 

Dentist act 1948 is vague , has no proper definition of dentistry. According to DENTIST ACT 1948 section 2 mentioned as below,

Interpretation: —In this  Act, Unless  there  is anything  repugnant  in  the subject  or  context,— (d)  “  Dentistry”  includes— (i)  the  performance of  any  operation  on,  and  the  treatment  on  any  disease,  deficiency  or lesion  of,  human  teeth  or  jaws,  and  the  performance  of  radiographic  work  in  connection  with human teeth  or  jaws or  the  oral  cavity; (ii)  the giving  of  any  anaesthetic  in connection with  any  such operation or  treatment; (iii)  the  mechanical  construction  or  the  renewal  of  artificial  dentures  or  restorative  dental appliances; (iv)  the  performance  of  any  operation  on,  or  the  giving  of  any  treatment,  advice  or  attendance to,  any  person  preparatory  to,  or  for  the  purpose  of,  or  in  connection  with,  the  fitting,  inserting, fixing,  constructing,  repairing  or  renewing  of  artificial  dentures  or  restorative  dental  appliances, and  the  performance  of  any  such  operation  and  the  giving  of  any  such  treatment,  advice  or attendance,  as  is usually  performed or  given by  dentists; 

I request the higher authorities to clear everybody's confusion... So whenever someone refers to a Degree in Medicine, what degrees does it include? Only MBBS or Both MBBS and BDS? 

Isn't MDS / BDS a degree in medicine? According to Indian medical degrees act 1916 ,  western medical science means western  methods of allopathic medicine, obstetrics and surgery but does not include homeopathy or ayurveda  or Unani system of medicine....

According to the Indian Medical Council Act 1956, section 2 (f) which has been amended recently as  National Medical Commision Act (2019), section 2(j) "medicine" means modern scientific medicine in all its branches and includes surgery and obstetrics, but does not include veterinary medicine and surgery. 

Dentists practice according to modern scientific methods and give pharmaceutical (Allopathic) medicine to the patients. But, Dentistry is not recognised as a branch of medicine. It is illogical to separate Dentistry from Medicine. It’s no secret that medicine and dentistry have evolved an unnatural professional separation that is helpful to no one and often causes unnecessary suffering on the part of patients.

There is no proper definition of Dentistry in DENTIST ACT it self. Instead they mentioned interpretation of Dentistry without proper definition.The act does not contain a word like 'Dentistry is a branch of modern medicine'. Isn't Dentistry a modern scientific medicine??????? Allopathic medicine? Western medicine?

I have raised a RTI (right to information) petition against DENTAL COUNCIL OF INDIA regrading the definition of Dentistry by asking the same question. I attached the reply from DCI. Have a look and react if you want to be considered as a Doctor of modern medicine. 

715 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!