Demolish Anti Farmer Laws - Land Ceiling, Essential Commodities & Land Acquisition Acts

Demolish Anti Farmer Laws - Land Ceiling, Essential Commodities & Land Acquisition Acts

28 February 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Kisanputra Andolan

The first amendment to the Constitution was made on June 18, 1951. This amendment abrogated the fundamental rights of the farmers. As per the provisions of newly inserted Article 31B of the Constitution, new Ninth Schedule was incorporated in the Constitution. Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court is barred against the laws placed in Schedule IX. There are 284 Acts in this Schedule IX, out of which 250 Acts are directly related to farmers. And it cannot be sheer coincidence. Among these, the Agricultural land ceiling Act, Essential Commodities Act, Land Acquisition Act are laws that make farmers enslaved and exploit them.

Kisanputra agitation was started to seek abolition of these laws. We were under the belief that as judicial redress cannot be obtained against these laws, this path was closed to this agitation. You all are very well aware that the financial condition of the farmers has become very pathetic, pitiable and critical and the spree of suicides of the farmers are not coming to an end. This situation has not been changed even after rendering the govt. help like financial packages and the waiver of loan etc. The land holdings of the farmers have become so small that they cannot maintain their families. Hence, the time has been reached to root out the problems of the peasants and to abolish the laws pertaining to the agriculture and farmers.
Your kind help and cooperation is earnestly requested in this regard.
The following three laws have become the hazards of the farmers.
1. Agricultural land [Ceiling on holding] Act.
2. Essential Commodities Act.
3. Land Acquisition Act.
The agriculture sector can be liberalized only on the cancellation of the above three Acts. Agricultural land [ceiling and holding] Act comes under the jurisdiction of the State Govt. The Essential Commodities Act and Land Acquisition Act come under the purview of the Union Govt. Therefore, both Central and State Governments have to consider these acts in view of the farmers.
The reasons for repealing these laws are as under -
A. These laws are contradictory and biased with principles of constitution of India and denying the freedom of the business of the farmers and have become outdated and now they are not justified in the present scenario. Agriculture land [ceiling and holding] Act was struck down by the Hon’ble Court but the reason that it was included in the 9th Schedule of Constitution, it was protected. The fundamental rights are soul of our Constitution and now these laws have been proved to be contradictory to them.
B. In the changing scenario, these acts are not favorable. The per capita holding of agricultural land in the world is increasing but only in India it is decreasing. If this trend is not stopped, Indian agriculture would not stand in the global competition.
In view of the current developments in the agricultural science, it has become necessary to attract the experts who can face the contemporary challenges.
Unfortunately above laws create hurdles and discourage their excitement and initiatives.
Kisanputra Andolan

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Signatures: 547Next Goal: 1,000
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