Be the bigger person, settle Ayodhya issue once and for all

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The issue involving Ayodhya temple and Babari Masjid has been around for decades now, with both Hindu and Muslim communities laying claim to the disputed land. In the process, it has consumed unimaginable time and money of countless stakeholders with nothing to show, except religious and political divide.

As an Indian, I lose my sleep over fundamental issues that concern my fellow citizens -

  1. India has one of the lowest rankings in the Global Hunger Index - every 5th child is malnourished.
  2. A large majority of people unable to afford healthcare services.
  3. High infant mortality and maternal mortality rates.
  4. Every week, 5 manual scavengers die due to lack of equipment and safety equipment.
  5. Last 3 years, every hour 3 sexual molestation cases have been reported to police stations.

Imagine if we could divert the resources we have spent trying to determine who the land goes to, to solving these bigger problems that concern life and death of millions in India?

Muslim organisations like, Sri Ram Mandir Nirman Muslim Kar Sevak Manch, have conceded to the demand for temple construction, for the sake of peace and harmony. Can we Hindus not be the bigger person for once and end this problem for once and for all? Let us build an institution that would have made Lord Ram proud. Let's build a school or a college that can prepare the children to live better lives and contribute meaningfully to India. Let's build a hospital there that can provide better health facilities so that we have fewer infants and children and mothers dying.

I appeal to you, who are reading this, "Let this issue no longer be a bone of contention used for political gains and communal politics." Let us move our focus to bigger and more important problems in our India.

Please be a responsible citizen, and sign this petition to ensure maximum coverage for this idea. Let us end this conflict here.