Stop electronic harassment and covert gang stalking as I am victim of it

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I Amit kumar pandey currently living in Noida, Sector 78 U.P. would like bring into your notice that I am a victim of electronic harrasement done by recovery agencies who are covert gang stalkers in my case. They are doing it with me since 2011 and came to know about it in 2016. I never knew before it that why they are doing it with me untill then. I was forced to commit suicide 3 times and they using electromagnetic waves also known as EMF weapons against me. I lost my Job and was forced to be imprisoned at home. They follow me everywhere I go and are forcing me to commit suicide by abusing me, taunting me everywhere. It's done through electromagnetic signals and emf also while I am sitting at my home. They are also targeting my body with this technology and bank recovery agencies are involved sent by citi bank and Hdfc bank as i am unable to pay my unsecured credit card Loan due to my bad financial situation. My brother is trying hard to earn and collect money to settle money so I can be a free man but it's quite not possible for him he manages to pay for rent and the food for both of us. I will only be able to pay if I would have also be working, which I am unable to do so because of these gang stalkers as they haunt me everywhere. I was also attacked by them in Delhi, Mumbai and Gurgaon. There is no law to bring down these people in India as Police officers also involved with these recovery agencies. I have no one apart from my brother to take care of me. Kindly help and make some law against it and also direct the banks I owe to stop these recovery agencies and covert gang stalkers so that I can be able to work and pay them back. This is all I need from Citi bank Hdfc bank and supreme court of india.