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The owner of a Vancouver dog stuck on death row for half its life has lost a bid to appeal the canine's case in Canada's highest court, meaning the dog will soon be euthanized. 

As usual, the top court did not provide a reason for its decision.

Punky was ordered destroyed after the dog bit a woman in an off-leash park in Vancouver in 2017. The four-year-old Australian cattle dog has been locked up since, while Susan Santics battled through the courts in an effort to save her pet.

Three British Columbia courts had already ruled Punky was dangerous, agreeing with a decision from an animal control bylaw officer with the City of Vancouver.

In the wake of the top court's decision Thursday, Santics has no legal avenues left to fight the case.

Punky is set to be euthanized next Wednesday.  

Having been locked up for 4 years, with no rehabilitation occurring during this time, how can Punky be deemed not rehabilitatable ?  

With no legal options left to save Punky, please sign and share to let the Supreme Court of Canada know that Punky needs to be given a chance of rehabilitation and this system needs to be changed.