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It is not about the female kid being a Muslim or a Hindu, it is about the innocence of the child which was brutally shattered. 

The country needs to understand, the need to protect a woman is not because she is physically weak, but because she holds an equal part in the human race. A Female infant need to be saved not to prevent the extinction of humans but because she deserves an equal right to live.

Nobody will and can stop this from happening except "us". I request you to sign my petition and spread the word to the maximum number of Indians so that we can bring this to the notice of Supreme Court that the number of rapists in the country is far less than the protectors. 

I am the girl, the woman, the child. I’m the one who is groped in public, sexually harassed, and raped. I’m Nirbhaya. And today I Demand Answers from you as a society, till when will you just talk, when will this stop? I demand #capitalpunishmentforrape



India, let's stop it now, together!